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DSTax is a consulting firm that specializes in indirect taxes. Our combined experience spans several decades, multiple industries and source systems.

Our focus is limited to issues surrounding indirect tax, which enables us to be experts, not just consultants in our field.  We truly focus exclusively on the unique requirements and laws specific to indirect taxes.  

The goal of DSTax is to create a personalized experience that helps clients develop a clear picture of how an efficient tax solution contributes to long-term business success without overcomplicating their client’s day-to-day business operations and maintenance of their indirect tax solution.

Scott Billadeau & Chris Pounds


Definitive Solutions Inc.

Originally founded as Definitive Solutions, we spent the majority of our early years assisting large Fortune 500 clients with very complicated sales and use tax automated solutions, but later saw a larger picture and vision. 



Founded DSTax and reorganized our leadership to better service a more diverse client-base and provide additional and more cost-effective services. 



Expanded and created the DSTax Technology subsidiary to grow our software products and tools, including ONESOURCE TaxConnect and ITBridge. 



Expanded again, and created the DSTax Compliance subsidiary to begin providing sales and use tax outsource compliance services to a larger client base, which includes smaller companies that do not have internal state and local tax resources. 

Our Mission

DSTax facilitates the complicated tax system by automating the tax processes and integrating with many tax calculation services. A list of tools/applications which are built by the DSTax team, are given to our clients in order to dynamically inject into their workflow. As a result, their workflow is changed with less resources and expense.

Analyze the current tax system and find out the roadblocks and difficulties
Continuously integrate the client components with our tax tools and applications

Design and adjust tax workflow to cope with new tax requirements changes

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