For reasons ranging from overworked A/P departments to relying on too many manual processes instead of utilizing a tax engine, some companies find they’ve overpaid their state taxes. A refund analysis can be conducted by DSTax for the purpose of uncovering tax overpayments and revealing hidden refund opportunities.

Sometimes a review by DSTax of a company’s tax compliance procedures and reporting system reveals tax over-payments. When this occurs, we work with your management team to determine the proper course of action. A reverse audit can result in recovery of overpaid taxes.

We will work with you to uncover opportunities to obtain refunds from vendors and/or the state. Refund analyses are conducted on a contingency basis. We will not an issue an invoice until you have received the refund.


Another benefit is that we provide a Statement of Findings detailing guidance on how the client can prevent future overpayments so that future refund analyses are not required.

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