The opportunity

With taxing authorities becoming even more aggressive based on the new Wayfair Economic Nexus decision as to what constitute nexus and who is required to collect/remit sales tax in their jurisdiction, companies need to consider integrating ONESOURCE Determination with their Quickbooks Online ERP platform. TaxConnect offers this integration and live tax calculation.


TaxConnect key functionality includes:

  • Transfer of customer number, product code, and point of title transfer to ONESOURCE Determination to allow for complex tax calculations for both U.S, Canadian and other countrys’ indirect tax calculations
  • Utilizes Thomson Reuters’ enhanced webservices integration for OSITD
  • Configurable parameters allowing user-defined communicated values
  • Allocation of shipping and discount charges for the appropriate taxability treatment by state on this “special charges”


  • Compatible with all various platforms of these ERP’s and e-Commerce solutions, including Stripe
  • Only Thomson Reuters Verified Integration for these systems
  • Supports unique tax requirements around shipping and other additional charges (i.e. discounts)
  • Experienced implementation team
  • Experienced technical and tax support

Strengths Of TaxConnect

  • Easy to integrate as a standard extension and highly configurable to your specific needs. Integration to OSITD is done through DSTax’s hosted ITBridge
  • Out-of-the-box functionality plus other customizable and configurable items
  • Seamless to the business users or customer shopping experience
  • Thomson Reuters Verified Integration (In Process)

Qualifying questions

Do you have a Quickbooks Online ERP solution and need to:

  • Calculate sales and/or seller’s use tax? (consumer’s use tax and VAT can be discussed as a services enhancement)

Does your company’s business have any of the following fact patterns:

  • Sell a mix of both products and services?
  • Does your company have multiple locations and economic nexus in multiple jurisdictions?



If your customer would like to see specific functionality or has additional questions, contact: