ITBridge Technology Stack

Operating system: CentOS 7
Database: PostgreSQL
Programming language: Python 3.6

Notable Python Libraries:

Flask 1.0

Web framework

Requests 2.21

HTTP Library

SQL Alchemy

Database Interface


XML Content Generation

Installation and Setup Procedures

Contact Thomson Reuters for OSITD or Fast Sales Tax licensing.

  1. Thomson Reuters provides OSITD of Fast Sales Tax credentials and wsdl. Contact DSTax Technology or Thomson Reuters for ITBridge licensing. Through our partnership resale agreement Thomson Reuters is able to license directly to the client.

  2. DSTax Technology provides you with, API key and ITBridge credentials along with sample JSON Tax Requests and data map guidance to pull the appropriate data from the client’s source systems

    • Confirm that the configured API Key is correct.
    • Log into ITBridge to enter your configurable items.
    • You are ready to test

Description of Operations

The client can send an HTTP request to ITBridge that contains the relevant transaction information: sales price, shipping costs, shipping address, billing address, etc. in JSON format. ITBridge receives this information in the form of a Flask request object and uses this data, along with settings configurable through the web interface, to build the SOAP envelope and XML for an OSITD tax request using the yattag library. The requests library is used to send this SOAP envelope to the endpoint corresponding to the OSITD WSDL specified in the settings. ITBridge receives the OSITD tax response as a request response object. It removes the SOAP envelop and uses Flask to send the tax response XML back which parses the XML for relevant tax data to save back to the client’s source system.

Sample code available for