The opportunity

With most companies offering their customers a webstore to order/purchase their products, and with taxing authorities becoming even more aggressive based on the new Wayfair Economic Nexus decision as to what constitute nexus and who is required to collect/remit sales tax in their jurisdiction, companies need to consider integrating ONESOURCE Determination with their ERP and/or e-commerce platforms. TaxConnect offers this integration and live tax calculation.


TaxConnect key functionality includes:

  • Transfer of customer number, product code, and point of title transfer to ONESOURCE Determination to allow for complex tax calculations for both U.S, Canadian and other countrys’ indirect tax calculations
  • Configurable parameters allowing user-defined communicated values
  • Allocation of shipping and discount charges for the appropriate taxability treatment by state on this “special charges”
  • Utilizes Thomson Reuters’ enhanced webservices integration for OSITD
  • A hosted, cloud deployment to integrate the customers Cloud ERP or e-commerce platform with OSITD Cloud


  • Compatible with all various platforms of these ERP’s and e-Commerce solutions, including Stripe
  • Only Thomson Reuters Verified Integration for these systems
  • Supports unique tax requirements around shipping and other additional charges (i.e. discounts)
  • Experienced implementation team
  • Experienced technical and tax support

Strengths Of TaxConnect

  • Easy to integrate as a standard extension and highly configurable to your specific needs. Integration to OSITD is done through DSTax’s hosted ITBridge
  • Out-of-the-box functionality plus other customizable and configurable items
  • Seamless to the business users or customer shopping experience
  • Thomson Reuters Verified Integration

Qualifying questions

Do you have Stripe Payment Processing and need to:

  • Calculate US sales and/or seller’s use tax, Canadian GST/HST/PST or other country’s Value Added Taxes?

Does your company’s business have any of the following fact patterns:

  • Sell a mix of both products and services?
  • Does your company have multiple locations and economic nexus in multiple jurisdictions?



If your customer would like to see specific functionality or has additional questions, contact: