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Scott Billadeau


Scott Billadeau is the President of DSTax, LLC and its sister companies, DSTax Technology, LLC and DSTax Compliance, LLC.

Scott founded DSTax in 2011 to focus on delivering sales and use tax automation as well as more traditional sales and use tax consulting services such as refund analysis and audit defense.  This business has thrived over the years due to the efforts of the DSTax team and Scott’s vision of delivering top level service at rates well under industry standard.

As time progressed, Scott saw other areas related to sales and use taxes that needed to be better serviced and founded DSTax Technology and DSTax Compliance to do so.  Too many connectors and other middleware tools are designed by developers who do not properly understand the tax requirements of these applications.  DSTax Technology focuses on the tax requirements first, and then builds the applications around them.  DSTax Compliance offers sales and use tax return preparation and outsourcing services.  DSTax Compliance distinguishing characteristic is that our clients have direct access to the firm’s leadership.

Scott’s primary responsibilities at DSTax include strategic direction, partner alliances and quality management.  Despite the many hats he wears, Scott still likes to be hands on and close to each project.

Before forming DSTax, Scott spent his entire career providing sales and use tax consulting services.  He started his path as a Tax Associate at a national sales and use tax boutique firm, worked his way up to Senior Manager in the SALT group of a Big 4 accounting firm and later a Director of a regional accounting firm.  Scott has provided services to every industry imaginable over the course of his career, and to every size client.  Scott earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Butler University.

Chris Pounds​


Chris Pounds is the Vice-President of DSTax, LLC, DSTax Technology, LLC and DSTax Compliance, LLC.
Chris co-founded DSTax in 2011with Scott and worked with him to build DSTax into what it is today.  Chris is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day delivery of consulting projects and compliance activities.
Chris has spent most of his career working with sales and use taxes.  Chris began his career preparing sales and use tax returns for clients at a compliance boutique firm before joining the outsourcing practice of a Big 4 accounting firm where he first worked with Scott.  Chris transferred to the firm’s SALT group a couple of years later to provide more value-added services to his clients.  Chris left public accounting to become the sales tax manager at a large construction contracting firm, but quickly returned to consulting to provide sales and use tax services with a heavy focus on sales tax automation.

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