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Our Tax Software Integration Specialties Include:

Analysis of current business systems and opportunities for integration to improve efficiency

System integration and user training. We customize our training and documentation to meet your specific needs

Design and implementation of steady state processes required for seamless updates as business changes occur during use

Project and change management

Functional and technical design

One of the biggest benefits of transaction tax systems is integration with current business processes so everything works together smoothly. This improves efficiency and ensures greater accuracy in tax reporting and payments. We have experience with all aspects of integration from various ERP systems to custom mergers with web-based storefronts and mainframe systems.

Business Case/ROI Analysis

Considering a new tax system implementation but uncertain if the project will yield a positive return on investment? We can help you build an objective business case to weigh savings opportunities (both monetary and process efficiency improvements) against estimated implementation costs (both internal and external).

An ROI analysis can be prepared at a minimal cost, allowing you to make an educated decision about the validity of investing your resources in a new tax system implementation.

Tax Software Evaluation & Selection

Navigating the software selection process can be challenging. DSTax can help you define an objective set of criteria upon which software options can be evaluated.
The complicated taxation landscape means it is vital to consider all aspects of tax laws as they relate to your company and your specific industry. In addition to meeting tax requirements there are other important factors to consider. Some of these include the ease with which a new system will integrate with your existing business systems, support for existing IT infrastructure standards and cost to benefit analysis.
We have extensive experience helping clients evaluate software options for transaction tax systems, exemption certificate management and address validation processes. We’ll help you make an accurate comparison and select the option that will best serve your business.


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